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IT in the Pub

IT in the Pub is an informal gathering of no more than 20 people on the first Tuesday of each month, February to November.

The group meets usually at Regattas Bistro on North Terrace from 5.30pm til 7pm over a drink.

The format for the meeting is conversational, with a guest speaker each month who talks for around 5 or so minutes and then the conversation starts with questions and answers between all the attendees.

Speakers over the past three years have included: Simon Hackett, Jill Slay, Brian Neilsen, Amanda Heyworth, Chris Marlin, James Tizard, Karen Hyland, Reg Coutts, Didier Elzinger, Susan Andrews and Robert Tait.

The convenor for ACS IT in the Pub is Ms Brenda Aynsley and she can be contacted via email at bpa AT iss DOT net DOT au

Currently this is a pay-as-you-go event with each person paying a small additional amount to cover the cost of the speaker's drinks.

2007 Program

  • 12 November 2007 - site visit to Quest Retail Systems, Thebarton. Contact Brenda for more information.
  • 8 October 2007 - Dr David Lindley, Academic Principal ACS Education. David's subject is "Professionals are just that, they don't need external motivators to keep themselves up to date". Hmm, come along and argue your position on this provocative statement.
  • 4 September 2007 - Mr Greg Bassani, CEO of the Electronics Industry Association. Greg will reflect on the first 6 months in the Chief Executive's role and draw our attention to the points at which ICT and Electronics intersect and what that means for us. http://www.eiaa.asn.au/
  • 7 August 2007 - Mr Peter Harriss, Chief Operating Officer, Cohda Wireless. Peter has been asked to come along and share Cohda Wireless' "Dirty Little Secrets" with us. http://www.cohda.com.au/
  • 2 July 2007 - Mr Merv Renton, Managing Director of Compusolve and President of CIASA, the Computer Industry Association of South Australia. Merv has been asked to come along and share the CIASA story from its inception in 1997 and to highlight the issues that confront computer sellers in SA today. http://www.ciasa.asn.au/
  • 5 June 2007 - Che Metcalfe, Managing Director of Kukan Studio. Kukan Studio is dedicated to creating compelling content for mobile devices. Che has been asked to share with us the Kukan Story and to bring us up to date with what's hot in his neck of the woods. Hint: http://www.podmo.com/
  • 1 May 2007 - Dr Michael Gendron a visiting professor to the University of SA whose topic will be the very timely "Can the IT department stand-up to the challenge of strategic oversight and involvement?"
  • 3 Apr 07 - This will see local ICT Hudson Recruiter Lee Haakmeester sharing his insights on local recruitment issues. This is continuing the theme of the Education across the Nation presentation on 'The Future ICT Professional' with Hudson's Executive General Manager, Information Technology & Telecommunications, Cyrus D’Cruz. Bookings for the EdXN event are open at http://www.acs.org.au/index.cfm?action=event&temID=eventdetails&eveID=1838
  • 6 Mar 2007 - Mr Peter Coulson, Group Manager IT, Uniting Care Wesley Adelaide, Topic: "Cutting the red tape, the problem of multiple entry and reporting by service providers"
  • 6 Feb 2007 - Mr Stephen Inglis - Curriculum and Assessment Officer for Flexible Learning Programs, SSABSA

2006 Program

  • 7 Feb 2006 - Ms Christine Cromarty - Export Officer ICT Council for SA
  • 7 Mar 2006 - Dr Jill Slay - Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Information Science and Director of the Enterprise Security Management Laboratory in the Advanced Computing Research Centre of the School of Computer and Information Science, UniSA
  • 4 April 2006- Professor Noel Lindsay - Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Director, Centre for the Development of Entrepreneurs, School of Management, University of South Australia
  • 2 May 2006 - Mr Kym Farnik - Senior IT Architect, IBM Software Group A/NZ
  • 6 June 2006 - Mr Scott Ayer - Applications Delivery Vice-President, EDS Asia-Pacific
  • 4 July 2006 - Mr Philip Hogg - CIO Department of Families and Communities
  • 1 Aug 2006 - Ms Su Spencer - Program Director for the Masters degrees in Management Information Systems and in e-Commerce
  • 5 Sep 2006 - Mr Simon Hackett - CTO Internode and Agile
  • 3 Oct 2006 - Doug Jacquier, CEO, CISA Inc "The IT Market we're ignoring"
  • 7 Nov 2006 - Mr Craig Hill - South Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing,(SAPAC) - to be held at SAPAC


We've started to record our meetings via photos, our initial pictures are dark because inside Regattas' the lighting is kept low. Hopefully you get a sense of the event at least and in summer when we meet al fresco, you will see more of us enjoying the company and the conversation.

IT in the Pub online picture gallery Gallery.

We'd love to see you come along some time, 1st Tuesday of the month between February and November.

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