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ACS SA Branch History SIG


The purpose of the History SIG is for interested members to share and discuss information pertaining to the history of computers, Computer Science, software development, ICT and the computing industry in general.

Although there is some focus upon the Australian and South Australian aspects of history, this is by no means the sole focus.

The SIG made a tentative but enthusiastic start in 2010 during the 50th anniversary of ACS. No meetings have been held in 2011, but the intention is to reconvene in 2012 after some planning. Anyone who is interested in assisting with this is encouraged to contact the current convenor.


2012 marks 100 years since the birth of Alan Turing, the founder of computer science.

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The convenor is David Benn whose email address is:

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  • April 25 2010
A Scope Talk and discussion of possible topics.
14 members and visitors were in attendance.
  • May 20 2010
SILLIAC: an Australian Vacuum Tube Supercomputer
A DVD was viewed and discussion followed.
8 members and visitors were in attendance.
  • July 28 2010
Joint session with SA Branch Forum.
The 50th anniversary of Algol 60: Why long dead programming languages matter.
Approximately 20 members and visitors were in attendance.
  • December 20 2010
Informal drinks at the Kings Head.
Waxing lyrical about 2010 computational historical happenings.
Conversations about the next steps for the SIG.
3 members were in attendance.

Possible Directions and Activities

  • Contributing to a successor to the 1994 ACS book Computing in Australia: The development of a Profession.
  • Contributing Computing History Museum artefacts.
  • Preservation of hardware and software. For example, we received an invitation to help preserve Australia's Computer Heritage from Graham Rees with an online presence.
  • Having a presence at History Week.

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